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If you have grown tobacco before, you will know only too well how fidgety starting off your seeds can be.  Seperating tiny plantlets and placing them into individual pots, can be enough to put most people off.

With pelleted seeds, you simply pop each seed into individual pots, saving you time and hassle.

Our pelleted seeds are carefully selected F1 hybrid seeds, which are coated with a clay type substance, making the seed much bigger and easier to handle. They have a germination rate of above 90%.

These seeds are all certified GMO & virus free, produced under strict government guidelines. These are the very same as those used by commercial tobacco farmers.

We bring you the 3 best types;

Virginian Gold # 2, Tennessee Burley & Turkish Basma

With all three of these, you can produce any flavour blend you like; the permutations are endless. Buy all 3 at a special price.

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Pelleted Tobacco Seeds
Pelleted seeds next to a standard match-stick. Seeds large enough to be picked up by hand. Wow!!