OUR TOBACCO SEED PRICES 2015 (now even cheaper than ever before)

We keep bringing the price of seeds down and they are today lower than they were in 1999, making us one of the cheapest seed store on the Internet.

And if saving money is one of your key considerations, we are now offering special low prices on selected seeds this year, including one of our most popular varieties for just 99p (excluding p&p). That's right!

All our other seed varieties are priced the same and come in three quantities:

       100 of any seed variety for £2.95                  
       200 of any seed variety for 3.50

       500 of any seed variety for £4.95

In reality you receive far more seeds.

Postage & packing of just 1.95 is added to each order, you pay this once only. Not like £5-6 some sites charge!

Our new pelleted seeds are priced differently.

You can't beat us on our range of products or our prices!

Your transaction is processed by PayPal, so we never see you credit card details

You can store your unwanted seeds till next season, providing you keep them in a dry, cold and dark place.

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