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Ever considered growing your own tobacco? 有否考虑发展自己的烟草? Whether you are a novice or an expert, you'll find everything you need right here. 无论您是新手还是专家,你会发现你需要的一切在这里。

We have a truely impressive collection of tobacco seeds,  carefully chosen for you from around the world. 我们有一个真正令人印象深刻的烟草种子收集,精心为您挑选来自世界各地。 And with free, easy to follow, step by step instructions, all you need to provide is a garden. 并与自由,容易执行,一步一步的指示,所有您需要提供的是一个花园。
If you need more information about growing your own tobacco , this new e-book by Benjamin Street, may be just what you need. 如果您需要更多关于越来越多的自卷烟的信息,这种新的电子本杰明街书,可能正是你需要的。
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A large number of impurities are added to manufactured tobacco and some of them are not nice. 阿的杂质大量添加到烟草其中有些不是很好。
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Our Seed Prices - Simply the cheapest on the internet. 我们的种子价格 -只要在互联网上最便宜的。

Why buy a pack of 20 cigarettes when you can grow as many as 20,000 of your own tobacco for the same price? 为什么买一包20支装的时候您可以种植同样的价格多达自己的烟草20,000?

Free growing instructions with each purchase. 免费日益增长的指示每个购买。

Growing your own tobacco is not against the law, no matter which country you live. 越来越多的自卷烟是不违反法律的,不管你住哪个国家。 You can grow as much tobacco as you like! 您可以增加你一样喜欢烟草!

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Virginia Gold # 1 . The finest and single most most popular strains of tobacco known to cigarette smokers is this fine Virginian plant. 弗吉尼亚州黄金#1。一流的以及单一已知吸烟人士最受欢迎的烟草品种最这是弗吉尼亚的工厂罚款。
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Sorry to say but smoking is also very bad for your wealth. 抱歉地说但吸烟也是你的财富非常糟糕。
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Which types of seeds do you want to grow? 哪些类型的种子你要成长?
New Pelleted Seeds Now in Stock 现在新的包衣种库存

If you find handling these tiny tobacco seeds too much, why not try our new Virginian Gold # 2 pelleted seeds . 如果您发现这些微小的处理烟草种子太多了,为什么不尝试我们的新弗吉尼亚金2号包衣种 Around 10 times larger than raw seeds, you can pick up and plant each of these one-by-one. 约10倍原料种子大,你可以拿起和植物其中之一每接一个。

Makes growing even easier. 使越来越多更容易。

Get Your Free, Easy to Follow Guide to Growing Tobacco with Each Purchase. 得到您的自由,易于后续成长指南每个购买烟草。
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